Satisfaction Survey of NCKU Student Dormitory

Dear students:

Thank you for your time to fill out the survey. The purpose of this survey is to understand your satisfaction of your dormitory. We look forward to your complete and candid responses. Your answer will be kept strictly for our references to enhance our quality service of the student dormitories.

This research is divided into four parts:
Part I: Personal General Information
Part II: Dormitory Service Satisfaction
Part III: Dormitory Atmosphere and Construction
Part IV: Dormitory Safety

Once again thank you for your help improving our service of student dormitory.If you have any question or suggestion about the questionnaire, please contact us by e-mail.

Best Regards.

Housing Service Division

問卷說明 | Remarks

arget Respondents: NCKU Dormitory residents of the 108th academic year (2019/09~2020/06)

Survey Period: JUN. 5 ~ JUN. 19, 2020

Rewards for Respondents: 10 respondents are randomly selected at the end of the survey period. Each selected respondent can receive a NTD200 coupon. Winners will be announced on the website of Housing Service Division, and will be notified via e-mail on JUN. 23, 2020.