NCKU Business Member THSR Survey  

Secretariat Office of NCKU


Faculty members, staff and students who have accumulated THSR (Taiwan High Speed Rail) mileage during July 2017 to June 2018 should fill out this survey before 22nd November 2018. If you have NOT accumulated THSR mileage during this period, please do NOT fill out this survey, for the sake of fairness. Thank you.


Dear all members of NCKU,

NCKU is a member of the THSR (Taiwan High Speed Rail) business partnership. Because of your active participation in accumulating THSR mileage from July 2017 to June 2018, we have received 366 vouchers for exchanging free THSR tickets (363 from Taipei to Tainan; 1 from Taoyuan to Tainan; 1 from Hsinchu to Tainan; and 1 from Taichung to Tainan). After examining the data, it has been decided that 183 vouchers will be used for business trips, 22 for rewarding outstanding staff members, and 158+3 will be used as rewards for your enthusiastic participation through a random drawing.
The purpose of this survey is not only to learn about your opinions regarding the THSR, but also to collect information for the drawing. In accordance with the appropriate time period, only faculty members, staff and students who have accumulated THSR mileage from the period July 2017 to June 2018 are eligible to fill out the survey. Please do so before 22nd November 2018. The results of the drawing will be displayed on the NCKU website before 26th November 2018. Winners will be notified via email.
Thank you for your participation, and we hope you can continue to support us by providing NCKU’s business member number: 6911-5908, whenever you buy a THSR ticket, as this will allow NCKU to receive more vouchers.

Best regards,

Secretariat Office of NCKU