Student Housing Contract

International Degree & Exchange Students

Housing Contract for Incoming International Degree & Exchange Students of 2018 Fall Semester
2018年 國際來校交換生及學位生線上住宿契約書簽署

系統說明 | Remarks

  1. Students applying the Prince House shall NOT sign the online housing contract. Please contact the Prince House via email or phone calls. Rooms are assigned on a first come, first served basis.
    Contact information: EMAIL: TEL: +886-6-2087166.
    欲申請太子學舍者,不需簽署線上契約書。請自行向太子學舍洽詢。聯絡方式: EMAIL: TEL: +886-6-2087166
  2. System open time: 10:00 A.M., Dec. 14, 2018~10:00 A.M., Jan. 14, 2019.
    系統開放時間: 2018年12月14上午10時~2019年1月14日上午10時
  3. Your e-mail address and phone number are required. If you do not have contact phone number in Taiwan yet, please fill in the following number: 06-2757575.
    簽署契約時,需填您的email及電話號碼。如您在台灣尚未有聯絡電話,請填下列學校總機號碼: 06-2757575
  4. International degree student: please be sure to finish BOTH the On-line Accommodation System ( and the On-line Housing Contract System. If you fail to finish any one of them, the application will be considered null and void.
    國際學位生: 請務必確認您同時完成線上契約書簽署及線上住宿申請(。如有任一系統未完成,視同無住宿需求。
  5. Incoming exchange students: please be sure to finish the On-line Housing Contract System by the designated time. Those who fail to do so are regarded as giving up their priority for on-campus accommodation.
    國際來校交換生: 請簽署線上契約書。未簽署者視同無住宿需求。
  6. The Student Housing Contract Guide: PDF File